Afterlife Project

A one hundred year research project into what happens when we die in a post human world.

The afterlife is a recurring theme almost every religion and culture around the world since prehistory. Mankind’s obsession with what happens next is a driving feature of every aspect of our cultural lives.

The concept of the afterlife is a very useful one and allows us great facility to be mindful of how we live each day. By being able to compare a corporeal existence, of which it appears we have only one, to something other we are able to put our everyday lives into greater context and be more reflective of how we live.

The afterlife project is a long term discussion and open source software effort pursuing the question ‘what happens next?’

The project seeks to create Afterlife 1.0. It is envisaged there will be many subsequent iterations of Afterlife, increasing in sophistication and complexity, perhaps to a point where we can inhabit non-corporeally this electronic space. We see Afterlife 1.0, our proposed start point, as a transcendent mirror held up to our current post-human existence.

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Read The Paper ‘Things to do in the Digital Afterlife when you’re dead’ presented at ISEA, Istanbul 2011 and published in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac

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