What do we Know of Space and Time When all we can Know for Real is Here and Now?

Excerpt from full length piece,

What do we know of space and time time when all we can know for real is here and now?’ is a 360 degree immersive video film.
Combining 360 video footage of dérive walks shot in Hong Kong during 2017 and short video ’moments of noticing’ collected during a 12 month period of video recording and reflective observation this 10’33″ long video piece is designed for experiencing using VR style immersive headset viewing. The work situates the viewer inside the dilemma of the lived experience of internal and external temporality. Where the experience of time passing is all too vivid in our experience but the strangeness of the reality we are confronted with when thinking of it contradicts what we feel to be real.

This video piece asks how we may represent time and what it is to see and experience it in moments of immersion and moments of memory, and what it means to represent such an intangible idea.