Either Side of Delphy Bridge – project

Village Noticeboard at Blissland
Either Side of Delphy Bridge Project - The village Noticeboard

‘Either Side of Delphy Bridge’, The deep mapping’ An interactive Deep Mapping Project

The Grey and Pleasant Land project is a 3-year interdisciplinary programme of research (2009-2011) on older people in rural areas of South West England and Wales. The project is investigating key ways in which older people are connected to their rural communities and the role which these links play in older people’s involvement in civic life.

The Uncommon Ground part of the Grey and Pleasant Land project is mapping connectivity that explores and documents older residents’ conceptions of the physical, social and cultural landscapes in which they locate themselves, focused on issues of memory, place and identity and their relationship to the ageing experience.

The first stage has consisted of a mixture of traditional ethnography and performative ethnographic approaches to understand the dynamic ways in which the meaning, understanding and experience of ageing is/has been understood and represented in this particular area/culture.

A product of this process has been the creation of the online, dynamic, interactive Deep Map

The Delphy Bridge Project